Penultimate "Grimm"

2017-0324 Friday


tonight the penultimate episode of NBC's "Grimm" aired. (For those of you in Boringpenultimate means “second-to-last”.) 

I have to admit I haven't watched every episode of “Grimm” over these six years, but I've watched most of them. Mostly, because the series has been set (and filmed) in Portland.

Did you know I actually tried to become an extra on the series? They have a casting company what hires people to be in the background on the episodes. I spent quite a few hours in a tent, and other places, in North Portland, a year ago, hoping to get a chance to appear on the show. They must’ve decided I was too good looking to risk me showing up David Guintoli (the star, who played Nick Burkhardt). I never got to “perform.” But I did get a few bucks for waiting in the “extras” tent. It was totally boring, yet weirdly fun. They fed us too. So there’s that.

Grimm PortlandAnyway, a review of tonight’s show (and the “Grimm” series in general):

If you DVR’d this episode and haven’t watched it yet: SPOILER ALERT. You might want to watch said episode B4 you read on. Fair warning.

There was a lot of dark, eerie, scary, shenanigans in this penultimate episode. Per usual, for the series. But the main spoiler is this: Wu and Hank meet their demise at the very end of this episode.



So there’s that.

But WTF? (Fudge. Please, people. This is a family/daytime blog.) BOTH WU AND HANK die! (And Hank’s death was particularly gruesome.)?

My only hope is that tonight’s last scene was some kind of imagery/foreshadowing/flashback/illusiatory/definitely-undoable kind of thing. That is my hope. Hank and Wu are the bomb.

They should not die. Ev-r.

Of course, since this was the penultimate (I love using that word) episode, it’s still possible that time could reverse, or maybe Adalind can reverse death, or maybe Rosalee can throw some spices on their skewered bodies and somehow UN-skewer them. Right?

We can only hope.

That said, I actually don’t give a RAT’S ASS what happens to Hank and Sgt. Wu, compared to what happens to NICK and JULIETTE (no, it’s NOT EVE, okay?). IMO, if Nick and Juliette don’t end up together at the very end of the series, I’ll seriously consider asking Trubel to assist me in jumping off the top deck of the Fremont Bridge.*

It’s always been Nick and Juliette. I mean, come ON. They BELONG TOGETHER. From the very beginning, they BELONG.

I will say this: Claire Coffee (Adalind) is wonderful. But she’s not Nick’s TRUE LOVE. She’s NOT Juliette. And Adalind has always been too sly for my tastes. How in hell did Nick ever buy her story—her love? She’s a fake.

That’s all I’m sayin’.

So, as I fold my hands and patiently wait for next Friday’s SERIES FINALE episode, I will be hoping-against-hope that somehow, some way, Nick and Juliette will end up together. I don’t care how many blutbatten, hexenbeasts, and other innocents it takes: IF NICK & JULIETTE DON’T END UP IN A HEA**, I’m going to write a very strongly-worded letter to Sean Hayes.

It's been a great run for "Grimm." The series has highlighted Portland well. It was interesting, fascinating, and fun. A bit o' fantasy and a lot of great Portland stuff. I'll miss it.


— — —
* That was a joke, okay? I’m not suicidal. Yet, if I did want to plan any subversive, destructive stuff, Trubel would be my go-to gal.
** HEA: Happily Ever After


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